Alrighty then. Fair warning, I am absolute trash when it comes to talking about myself but I’m going to go for it anyway so that you at least have some idea what kind of nerd running this corner of the internet.

You can call me Micahangello (Micah for short). I am 24 years of age and I am a professional watcher of anime. I obtained my certification from a mysterious older gentleman who trained me in the fine art of sitting on my ass and binge watching an entire anime series in a day, as well as bothering the shit of my wife by constantly talking about anime.

I have always loved to write and discuss various topics with people, so I figure that I could mix those things with my love of anime and create a blog.

Ultimately, my goal for this little piece of internet is to share my thoughts in regards to anime and also spark a discussion between either like-minded or opposite-minded people. Hell, maybe I’ll even make a friend or two. Introverts do that, right?

Here nor there, you may ask the following question: “Micah, why did you decide to name your blog ‘The Ramen Stand’?” Well, your boy has watched a lot of Naruto and it seems to me that Ichiraku’s Ramen Shop was this safe place for little, neglected Naruto to go. I really liked that, so I created a safe space for poor, little neglected Micah to talk about his fixation with anime.

Well, you’ve heard enough out of me for one “About” page. Feel free to talk to me or debate with me or whatever. See you guys on the other side!