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Bowl Number 1: DR.STONE Episode 1 Review


            All things seemed normal. Everyone was going about their day as normal, whether that be work, school, or spending time at home. Then, in a seemingly random event, all living beings were encased in stone.

            Roughly 3,700 years passed before Taiju Oki, a muscle-brained banshee who had been trying to confess to the girl he likes before the world turned to stone, broke free of his encasement. Quickly exploring the world around him, he finds his crush, Yuzuriha, also encased in a stone shell. He promises to free her before exploring further.

            After a while, he is taunted by his best friend, Senku Ishigami, a genius scientist who also broke free of the stone (and counted every second to keep perfect track of time). Together the friends search for a way to free the other encased humans using the scientific method.


            The art style of this show is definitely different. That being said, you can see the amount of thought and attention to detail the artist has put into the designs of characters and settings. The show is vibrant and really makes you feel like the world is lacking civilization. All things considered, I do really like this art style.

            A thing that I noticed about Senku’s design is his hair. It is either a light gray or blonde at the roots but is green towards the ends. It reminds me of a plant growing, its roots beneath the earth being a grayish color, but growing to be green and vibrant. I assume that this is a deliberate design choice to represent Senku essentially re-growing civilization.


            In my opinion, the characters are what truly make this show. And, since we’ve only really spent time with two of them, I’m longing to meet the others that will appear.

            Senku is a cocky young man with the intellect to back it up. The way he pokes fun at Taiju without feeling condescending is a testament to how close the two actually are and how much he cares for his friend. Not to mention how diligent he is when it comes to scientific experimentation and application, taking a year to develop a formula for breaking down the stone encasing his fellow humans.

            On the other hand, Taiju reminds me of Asta from Black Clover if he had gone through puberty. He is a muscular idiot but is a lovable character that really makes me feel like smiling. He isn’t self-conscious about his intelligence at all, readily offering to let Senku worry about the brainy stuff while he does all the heavy lifting.

            Since this is the first episode, intended to establish the basic premise of the show, I think it was very well executed. It didn’t feel lazy or boring at any point. I didn’t even notice that I was learning things during the episode.


            When you get down to it, this show is fun and educational, intended for lovers of science and anime alike. While I only got a C- in my high school science classes, I do really enjoy this episode and am eager to see more.