You are currently viewing DR.STONE EP. 4: FIRE THE SMOKE SIGNAL



               Senku, Taiju, and Yuzuriha have arrived at Mt.Hakone. While they have gathered all the necessary materials and created gunpowder, Taiju, being the big meathead that he is, hits it a bit too hard with a large boulder and causes it to explode. However, the smoke from the explosion causes someone in the distance to make a smoke signal of their own, leading Senku to believe that there are other people in the Stone World.


               Alright, ladies and gents. I must first and foremost give my attention to the thing I liked most

about this episode.

               So, my first thing is that Tsukasa does not want to kill Senku. I’ll say it louder for the kids in the back: TSUKASA DOES NOT WANT TO KILL SENKU! There is a very moment between them when Tsukasa asks Senku if he will give up on science so that he does not have to kill him. Originally, I thought that this was because Senku is technically a child and is, therefore, innocent in the eyes of Tsukasa. However, Tsukasa reveals that Senku could’ve possibly been his first friend.

               To me, that was a beautiful moment between these two characters. It shows Senku’s pure love with science, but also shows Tsukasa’s admiration for Senku. Hopefully, as the series continues, we will see their relationship retain this healthy respect.


               This episode introduces the fact that there are other people alive in the world of stone. If you’re like me, this is something you’ve wondered about since the first episode, so it’s great that we’ve been given an answer.

               Additionally, episode four gave us a look into just how much Senku loves science, how he met Taiju, and how he met Yuzuriha. Even as a child, Senku displayed an almost ridiculous level of confidence that he would be able to do whatever he set his mind to. He somehow just knows that, through the use of science, he will be able to achieve his dreams.

               The flashback also gave us a look into the type of caregiver Senku had as a child. The unnamed man sold his car to give the child everything he needed to succeed in his goal.

               All in all, these were excellent additives, especially at this early stage in the story. It reinforces the friendship between our main trio, but also deepens our understanding of our protagonist.


               As this episode felt slower than the three prior, I feel as though we may be getting to a point where the show’s pacing is going to level out. It’s almost as if we are going to get bombarded with the things we absolutely need to know in the first couple episodes and then the story is going to slow down a little bit, which is fine by me.

               I enjoyed this episode despite it being a bit slow though. The little bit of history, the nuance, all of it makes me excited to continue watching this show. What else will come to light as the show progresses? I can’t wait to find out.