You are currently viewing DR.STONE EP.5: STONE WORLD THE BEGINNING



               Yuzuriha and Taiju manage to escape Tsukasa with Senku’s lifeless body. The duo attempts to figure out a way to bring Senku back. Meanwhile, we get to see Senku’s early days in the Stone World.


               Can you say tactics? I’mma say TACTICS.

               To escape Tsukasa, Yuzuriha and Taiju used a feint to get past The Strongest Primate High Schooler. I love this because we spend so much of this show marveling at Senku and his intelligence. This was just a beautiful display of the other two’s capabilities and I love it.


               This episode was kind of a feint itself. It was less about what was currently happening and switched up to something that we might’ve been curious about: what Senku did before Taiju found him.

               That being said, there wasn’t a lot within the episode to chew the fat about. Senku’s early days in the Stone World were basically Senku just being Senku. He counted the seconds until he was able to get free and then created weapons, fire, shelter, and clothing for himself. Basically, it was just a showcase of Senku’s abilities when he’s by himself.


               I’m not disappointed. Slow episodes are to be expected and saying that I dislike them or wished there was more action would be an insult to the show itself. So, instead, I’m going to say that it was in the realm of my expectations and we’ll see what becomes of Senku in the next episode.

               I’m smelling short time-skip.