Senku is revived and he comes up with a plan to deal with Tsukasa. Tsukasa and a mysterious blonde girl cross paths (and weapons).


               Invention of the Episode:

                              This episode features a rudimentary version of the pulley system invented by Archimedes in the 4th century BC. More specifically, it is the compound pulley; which is a combination of pulleys that allows one to lift a greater amount of weight. Allegedly, Archimedes made a remark that if he had the right place to stand, he could move the entire earth with a pulley system.


               What I liked:

                              We already knew that Senku was an amazing scientist, but I would’ve never guessed that he was also a dabbler in scheming and military tactics. His idea to deceive Tsukasa into believing he was dead so that he could plant both Taiju and Yuzuriha into Tsukasa’s empire as spies was nothing short of brilliant. However, the success of his plan relies on the assumption that he can convince the people who started the signal fires in the previous episode to be on his side. This makes the plan fallible, but I foresee success since it appears that he has already managed to win over Mysterious Blonde Girl.

                              Also, earlier in the episode, we are treated to another testament to Taiju and Senku’s friendship. The fact that they say they same things about needing each other, though cliché, is perfect for showing us just how close they really are before they split ways. Perhaps its foreshadowing something?

               What I didn’t like:

                              I have to nitpick here since there wasn’t a whole lot in the episode itself to dislike. Yuzuriha says something to effect of “male friends really are stoic”. I take issue with this because what I got from the parting of Senku and Taiju wasn’t stoicism, but mutual understanding and respect of each other’s capabilities. They don’t have to say goodbye to one another because they are certain that they will see each other again, they are certain that the other will not fail.

               Then again, Taiju does go back to give Senku a sign of goodbye and good luck, so, like I said, I’m just nitpicking.


               This episode was okay. I was hoping for more interaction between Senku and Mysterious Blonde Girl, but that’s just me being greedy. All in all, I think this episode is a really good set up for the next one.

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