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               A captains’ conference is convened to allow the Special Fire Force to discuss the situation with the Evangelist and the White-Clad. Shinra once again has an encounter with Joker, in which startling information about Shinra’s brother is revealed. (From Crunchyroll)


               Character(s) of the Episode: Special Fire Force Company 8  

                            In this episode, I would say that Company 8 itself is the star. The way they all check on Shinra, and then rally behind him when he reveals information concerning Joker and Sho is nothing but perfect. At the end of the day, the Special Fire Force operates very much like the Armed Forces, where the only thing you can really do is trust the people who work alongside you. The fact that Shinra opens up to his team and they don’t reprimand him for speaking to Joker, but rally behind him in his thinking that Sho is alive, and say that they will plan accordingly for it, is beautiful.


               What I liked:

                              With all the Captains gathered together (a few of them even showing a bit of their personalities), I can’t help but draw similarities to Bleach. Benimaru Shinmon, in particular, reminds me of Zaraki Kenpachi in his behavior. Of course, I understand that, as they are both organizations, there are bound to be similarities. However, I think it may go deeper than the structure of the Special Fire Force and actually seep into the characterization of certain individuals as well.

                              In addition to that, we finally get a Sho Kusakabe reveal! I don’t know what to think of this character yet, but I have high hopes for him meeting Shinra.


So, it would seem that the theory I had in my review of episode 9 was correct. While I don’t have a theory for what comes next, I can assume that Sho and Shinra will meet in a combat situation with Shinra proclaiming himself as the “Hero”, and Sho responding by identifying himself as the “Villain”.

               While it would be interesting for Sho to be saved by Shinra and end up joining the Special Fire Force, I think it is unlikely. I believe that this cult raised Sho, so his allegiance will always be to them.

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