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               We learn a little bit about Sister Iris’s past. Sister Iris later turns up missing and Company 8 races to Company 5’s compound, where Iris has slipped away to.


               Character of the Episode:

                              Okay, so it occurred to me as I was watching this episode that Arthur Boyle, our resident Knight King, reminds me a lot of Rikka Takanashifrom Love, Chunnibyo, and other Delusions except he’s older (I think). Like, he really just sees things and imagines them to be these fantastical things that he has to defeat in order to be a proper knight. Of course, there were other characters I enjoyed watching in this episode, Love, Chunnibyo, and Other Delusions is an anime I absolutely love, so Arthur gets my top spot for this one.

               Honorable Mention:

                              Princess Hibana. Yes, I know she’s supposed to be the antagonist of this arc, but I am drawn in by her character. How does a person go from being a Sister to being a Dominatrix Captain of a Fire Force Company?                               Also, I feel as though she harbors some type of self-hate. She says that there is no God, just devils like her. I don’t think she has always seen herself that way, but some sort of trauma made her change her perspective of herself.


               What I liked:

                              Watching Lieutenant Hinawa get surgical with his gun was an absolute delight. I can only imagine that, had he been truly pissed off, we would’ve been treated to John Wick levels of absolute badassery. Also, watching Arthur troll his opponent before finishing him with a single blow was almost just as amazing.

                              Sister Iris (arguably the best girl thus far) has been somewhat of a mystery to me and, even though they showed snippets of her past, we now know that she has a history with Princess “Dominatrix” Hibana. I think this adds a layer of depth to the character and also opens her up to some internal conflicts or turmoils that may get revealed later. Whatever the actual nature of their relationship is, I now ship them.

               What I didn’t like:

                              I kind of feel like these fights were missed opportunities. While I understand and accept that the plot needs to continue on, I can’t help but think that there was a real potential for these fights to really showcase the abilities of Company 8. Can you imagine five straight minutes of Hinawa and Maki just being a coordinated team, shooting and pummeling the forces of Company 5? I’m not upset with what we got, but I am upset by how little of it we got.

               Also, no Uncle Obi makes me a very sad blogger.


               It was a good episode. Not great, just good. Who knows? Maybe they’re building up towards something ridiculously badass and are spending more time on the fights to come than the fights in this episode.

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