You are currently viewing FIRE FORCE EP. 8 REVIEW: BED BUGS



               Shinra and Arthur get a lead on their culprit during a mission with the First Division.


               Character of the Episode: Tamaki

                              Normally, this is where I would put the character who had the most depth or did the most badass thing. However, today, I am putting someone up here who did absolutely nothing (except melt my heart).

                              Tamaki was beaten down by the man that she looked up to (and presumably loved) all because she refused to follow an order. Now, I get it, old star eyes is obviously more than a bit tweaked in the head. But he squeezed her because she wouldn’t leave for whatever crazy ritual this was, and then beats her basically every time she opens her mouth.

                              She didn’t deserve such treatment, and he didn’t deserve her love, but I want to see how she bounces back!


               What I liked:

                              Shinra definitely hit Rekka with his rendition of Maito Gai’s Dynamic Entry, and holy moly was it beautiful! My boy came in like a bat outta hell with the meanest, fire fueled curb stomp that I have ever seen.

                              Everything that went on with Tamaki’s face at the end of the episode was just incredibly well done. It showed you every emotion she was feeling all at once; sadness from losing her lieutenant, pain from being beaten up, and joy from being saved, all mingled into one scene of her facial expressions. It was great, and I respect it.

               What I didn’t like:

                              Like I said in the last review, Tamaki’s lucky lecher lure or whatever it’s called has been used in the episode immediately following as a cheap gag to get a laugh. You know who didn’t laugh? Me.


               This episode was alright. I feel like so far I like everything, but I haven’t been wowed by it yet, so all I can give are lukewarm responses to the episode overall, even though there are bits and pieces I enjoy.