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Fire Force: First Impressions

First and foremost, the animation in this show is absolutely fucking BEAUTIFUL! By the time I got done with the first episode, I was sitting in my chair with my mouth open in total awe at the art, the stunning colors, and just how fluid and well choreographed the episode was.

I can’t really say much about the plot since it is episode one (and I haven’t read the manga), but I can honestly say that I’m genuinely curious on how this story is going to go. The flashbacks shown in the episode tell of a deeper story that I am truly excited to be shown.

The characters already look like they are going to be amazing. They all have very distinct personalities and I can definitely see myself being emotionally invested in them. Not to mention that Maki Oze and Iris have me super conflicted on who the best girl is in this episode.

All in all, I’m actually really hype for this show. Maybe I’ll review it as episodes come out, but I will most likely enjoy all the episodes released for the season and review it in its entirety. But we’ll see.