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               Senku and Taiju have finally cracked the formula for undoing the petrification by using natal, a combination of ethanol and nitric acid. They go to revive Yuzuriha, but Taiju refuses to do so because she’s naked. Suddenly, they are attacked by lions.

               As they run away, Taiju decides that it would be a good idea to revive “The Strongest Primate High Schooler”, Tsukasa Shishio. Living up to his name, he defeats the lion in one punch and proceeds to pay his respect to the circle of life by utilizing every part of the defeated beast. Tsukasa is assigned to fighting and hunting, accomplishing feats such as taking down a rampaging boar, snatching a bird from the air, and easily spear fishing some piranha (or what I assume to be piranha).

               Also, Senku decides that lime (or calcium carbonate) is needed for them to advance civilization further because of its four very important uses. The first use is agricultural, as it can be used to displace hydrogen from soil; The second use is construction, as it can be used to create a basic cement; the third use is sanitary, as it can be used to create soap. However, Senku refuses to reveal the fourth use in the presence of Tsukasa, going so far as to lie and say that he only said it had three uses.

               We also get a look into Tsukasa’s history and his current mindset, saying that all adults are corrupt and don’t deserve to live in an untainted paradise, while children are pure hearted and should be saved.


               As I mentioned before in my review of episode 1, the design of this show is a pleasure to consume. I found Tsukasa’s design to be reminiscent of Disney’s Tarzan in a way, further pushing the idea that he is a being that belongs in the wilderness.

               Outside of that, I have nothing new to report in terms of the show’s design.


               I think this episode was as well done as the first, if not slightly better. It gives us an opportunity to see that Senku and Taiju are at odds with, not only the environment itself, but another human being whose ideas and plans for the world will oppose theirs.

               In the world of stone, Senku and Tsukasa can be considered gods. They hold the fate of humanity in their hands. And, while Senku is striving to revive all of humanity, Tsukasa believes that this is the perfect opportunity to root out what he considers to be evil in the world. Obviously, Taiju is on Senku’s side on this battle of ideologies, and we can expect there to be more people willing to join Senku’s cause in the future, but the same is true for Tsukasa.

               The history of humanity is fraught with war and violence because one groups ideals are at odds with another’s. And, it is my opinion that this show will eventually take us to that point because it has become almost a necessity for the advancement of humans as well as science.


               This episode was good. It advances the plot and the relationships between characters at a solid pace and presents us with some interesting things to consider and theorize about.

               That being said, how did the lions get free? Were they never encased in stone to begin with? And, if lions and boars and fish are still around, why did the birds get the shitty end of this whole stone thing?

               These aren’t important questions, I’m just curious.