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Boruto Episode 113 Thoughts

At this point, I just feel disrespected by the Boruto anime.
Episode 113 focuses on Shikadai’s first mission as the Chunin commander of a squad consisting of Iwabe, Wasabi, and Boruto. This mission is to find a flower that only blooms once every four years, on the full moon, and has medicinal properties. To find said flower, the four shinobi must defend a pig from bandits because the pig can sniff out the flower.
Let that sink in. Shinobi are defending a pig…from pig stealing bandits…Sigh.
Okay, I understand that this is filler and filler isn’t always good. I also understand that the times have changed and these new age shinobi aren’t dealing with the same issues as their predecessors. However, the writers are trying to tell me that this world is so at peace that the biggest issue facing people right now are bandits who nab pigs to find flowers.
As a fan of the original run of Naruto, I cannot abide by this load of bull. Hell, without even comparing Boruto to Naruto, you cannot tell me that this episode was interesting or even remotely good.
Iwabe and Wasabi don’t get along because they are both stubborn and this creates a path for Shikadai to grow as a leader, but he ultimately fails to do see. The only thing he realizes by the end of the episode is that he has a lot to learn, which mirrors Shikamaru wanting to be a better leader after the Retrieval of Sasuke Arc in Naruto. That being said, this episode didn’t have the same impact as that arc (or any real impact at all).
The question on my mind is this: How could the episode have been better?
In my opinion, at the end of the episode they showed us, Shikadai gives up his role as Chunin because he is simply not ready for it.
Had Shikadai given up his Chunin ranking, it would’ve opened up a conflict between him as his father (kind of the one Shikamaru had with Shikaku, but deeper and longer lasting). Let’s have Shikamaru be so disappointed in his son’s perceived cowardice and lack of resolve that it creates a rift between them. This could lead to a deeper bond between Shikadai and Mirai or something. At the same time, Shikamaru and Naruto decide to go with their second option for Chunin, Sarada, and that would’ve been its own story.
All in all, I’m disappointed with this episode. What do you think?

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