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The Wiseman’s Grandchild Review

Sigh. So, I watched this show and it is basically the same as every other isekai. Guy dies, wakes up in an alternate world, and somehow becomes the most OP character in this world. It’s been done so many times at this point that it’s tedious just to watch it.
That being said, however, there were elements of the show that I enjoyed. The relationship between Shin Wolford and Sicily von Claude is cute to watch. Actually, the entire main cast is enjoyable to watch on screen. They banter, trade jabs, and give off serious friendship vibes.
There are a few fight scenes and, while they obviously aren’t top tier, they’re cool.
Honestly, if you’re looking for an isekai to watch on a slow day, this may be your jam. But if you’re looking for fabulous writing, subtle nuance, or something that will keep you on the edge of your seat, begging for the next episode, then this show ain’t for you.

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